Excellent day of training. Thanks Alex and Chris. You guys put on awesome classes. To my fellow students well done and good to train with you again.
We ran a few tune up draws and GOTX drills to give an inspection and we were off on situation drills. By altering the background the instructors deleted our gaming planning that happens. This was COMPLETELYa game changer. Your loop is reset and shorted as threat indicators come up. It showed our natural threat focus, the mock pistols took ALOT of hits. It also showed how by falling into this I would have been owned by indirect threats.
The different situations allowed us to see the short comings of trapping ourselves to go to gun this is training. As Chris and Alex pointed out on the ATM mock up. Going to gun just cause your verbally approached is not enough to justify gun introduction. In my go at it on start I made a gun on my right at corner of my eye. I was able to run that but would have been had by the gunman on my six. This was excellent training, hammering home keep moving keep looking.
On the night time home invasion drill shouting out family code words engaging with spare mag in hand pieing the door, this brought back years ago running my P89 with 16 on board and a spare 15 in hand. It came back quick, shows these skills will resurface even under stress. Excellent drill, watching the different approach to the doorways with various bad guys positions.
The dining out drill with mulitiple exits and positions. Spooky how fast you can deal with what you see but miss what is right on top of you as you push to exit.
With all we covered and the fact no to situations were the same for any student it is safe to say we all learned alot. Thanks to all there for making this a incredible learning event.
SI has delivered again with excellent instructors like Chris and Alex as well as affordable (downright cheap) tune up/advancement classes for alumni.