Props to Alex for another great SI class, you and Chris put on another successful class. I had a great training day that helped me shed some bad habits I had developed in my shotgun handling. To my fellow class mates good training with you and meeting you all. Wish I could have stayed for dinner afterwards and the rifle class Chris was teaching Sat/Sun.
This is a must do for anyone who runs a shotty as HD or car gun. Gets you in tune with range of use and feeding the beast. At close quarters a shotgun rules the roost but it does have it's limitions. This class will help you see and feel them. The afterclass senerio was great and hammers home the options and power of a shotgun but also reminds us of it's limitions. If you take this class with Alex stay for it. It's a great extra he offers that makes you think within the operational limits of the shotgun.
JD good to meet you looking forward to training AK with you next month.
Thanks for having me again guys see you again soon hopefully. Stay safe all.