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    Default From a FB friend on Gabe's 1st AK DVD.

    Homeboy just posted this on the FB wall.

    " I wanted to take the time to thank you for something you might not be aware of. About 4 years ago I purchased my first rifle. I did not even know how to field strip it back then. After I purchased kalishnikov gun fighting from one source I watched it like it was religion and learned to master it. I went from missing at 100 yards to being dead nuts on at 300. This is the greatest investment I ever made and I am deeply grateful for the time it took to produce and shoot this video as I would have been still stuck in noobville. I humbly thank both you and Gabe for your knowledge and dedication to your fellow countrymen and our country itself."
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    You never know how or who you'll influence by example, deed or sharing of info. Think how many others have not said anything. It's gratifying when someone does though.
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    Been a lot of years being called an arrogant, uncompassionate a$$4ole. Nice to know there are others like me out there, confident about what is true and right and compassionate to those truly deserving. Thanks Gabe, for this hangout.
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    earth, temporarily.
    If you liked the DVD, wait until you experience the class!

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    This particular forum article has brought to light a valid point, Being Thankfull for what we have. I used to be a member of alot of different firearm forums but for sometime now I have only paid attention to the WT forum. I have recieved alot of education from Gabe & all the other members, I can't possibly Thank everyone enough for all that everyone has put into this. Let me conclude with saying Thank You one & All and To All I wish you a "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and may next year be better than ever. smoker

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    Sometimes you have to drag them, kicking and screaming into the land of reality, and sometimes you have to just sit back and wait.... but your influence will shine in the end. A few years ago , I got a LOT of eyerolling and whining when I insisted that a former 101st Airborne buddy practice practice practice pistol malfunction drills of all types. A few months later, he came back to (sheepishly) thank me for that training. Seems that his freshly repainted custome 1911 turned into a jamomatic during his CHL shooting test! He said that he never would have made the time limit if he had not practiced those drills. After that, it was easy to bring him into the SI fold.

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