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    Default Armorers course by Marc Krebs

    The Red October armorers class taught by Marc Krebs was very good.
    He not only shared his knowledge on the AK, but also spent a good bit
    of time working on students rifles. I was impressed......

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    Default Supreme Gunsmith

    Marc Krebb's is a truly awesome gunsmith. His 1911's were top notch without a doubt and ran like tops.

    Fraternally yours

    Jimmy Ward

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    Marc did spend an awful lot of time working on our individual rifles. He was very generous with his time. The class description suggested bringing some basic tools. I figured on using them to doctor my own rifles. However, Marc showed me how to do the work by doing it himself as I looked over his shoulder. I never got my tools out.

    The armorers class was scheduled to run to 5 p.m. However, Marc was still working and teaching under lights, as it got dark outside. He gave every student their money's worth and then some.

    Marc diagnosed a significant problem with a pair of armature builds and put a lot of time and effort into working on parts, assembling and testing the rifles, disassembling and working more on the parts, repeating the process several times until everything worked right.

    Marc diagnosed and fixed a couple of small problems with one of my big-name custom builds. Which just goes to show that even the best aren't perfect.
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    I agree with all of the comments made above. Marc Krebs did an excellent job teaching the AK armorer's class. He is also a great guy. He helped a number of guys out with improving their guns with no charge for his labor. Marc also let us shoot some of his full auto guns.

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