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    Default SHOTGUN GUNFIGHTING SEMINAR - Burro Canyon, CA 10.16.10

    Saturday was a rockin' class. The students showed up ready to train and kept their drive and focus going throughout the day.

    Thank you for making the commitment to train with us and for your attention to safety.

    I will be posting some photos here soon and a link to more.

    Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

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    Default class Photo of some happy campers!


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    Default Working on the different Ready Positions...


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    Default working on patterning...


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    Default and some more pics!


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    Nice pics Corinna!

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    I see a few familiar faces.

    Looks like you all had a Blast!:)

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    And the WEATHER looked just a hair cooler too...

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    Thumbs up Thoughts on the Shotgun Gunfighting Seminar

    The instructors recommended we post something on the forums to help prospective students decide to enroll or not.

    I went in to the seminar unconfident and came out of the class confident with shooting with the shotgun and handgun at close quarters (3-50 yards). Not to say I'm an expert but I know what I can hit, probably hit, and not hit.

    I didn't have any shotgun experience before the class, though I did have some formal rifle training before which helped. Additionally, I've never drawn from the holster with a handgun before either. Before the class, I was worried that I would either be lagging behind the other students, slowing down the class, or end up shooting my hand. :(

    However, both instructors, Richard and Corinna, were able to bring me up to speed with the shotgun and handgun quickly and most importantly SAFELY, never pushing me to go out of my safety comfort zone.

    Another benefit of the class was being able to see the different type of shotguns and configurations the students and instructors had. For a person like me, who didn't know what accessories to buy, if any, for their shotgun, the class give me ideas on what sort of setup I might like.

    It was the first SI class I attended and I would recommend it to any newcomer to Suarez International courses as well. Best of all was the price. :D

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    Corinna Says Hi to you YngTadpole :p She says you did great. I agree. I was impressed with how you handled the handgun transitions and shot with accuracy and speed.

    By the way I hope the other pics were not blurry....

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