A friend brought me a new Arken SH-4 to mount on his 7mm Rem Mag. The scope itself is $399, and I was skeptical, to say the least. Did a review of the EP-4, which is a great scope for the money, but my expectations were much less for the cheaper version. Simply stated, the SH-4 is a better value than the EP-4. Resolution was, for the dollar, very good. I saw no fisheye, and it was good out to the edge. The reticle is very nice, better in some respects than the EP-4. The elevation and windage knobs were very good, positive, with good spacing in between. Pretty difficult to double up clicks on this scope. There are 20 MOA of elevation per revolution. After bore sighting the scope had 57 MOA left. It was mounted on a flat EGW base. Both the power and focus knobs functioned smoothly. The only thing I found was that the parallax was whacked. The numbers were nowhere close to reality. Donít get me wrong, it functioned just fine, but at around the 400 yd marking, you were somewhere probably between 600-700 yds actual. The zero stop on the scope is like hitting a block wall, and the illuminated reticle works well with an off position between each of the 11 settings. Overall, I was initially very impressed with the optic, especially considering the low price tag. I understand why there is a wait for this scope. I donít think there is a scope in the 400 range that can touch this optic. It feels solid as a rock, and with the guaranteed tracking and lifetime warranty this thing is hard to beat. Only thing is the durability, and that question only time will answer.