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    Default Serious question

    I don't post much, but I have been struggling with this and I respect the mindset here.

    I spent 20 years as an MP in the U.S. Army and retired last year.

    How, in the current era, can I avoid feeling like I wasted my time and destroyed my body for nothing?

    Our politicians seem to be handing our country to racists and marxists. The DOD is lockstep. Continuing a career in LE looks like a losing battle to me. What is the way ahead?

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    I’d recommend reading this article:

    It’s not a losing battle but you can’t judge the career by the common man’s perception of success.
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    Thank you for the link. The part about God's question speaks clearly to me.

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    Just like the military, LE has good and bad times. You will know pretty soon, if you picked the right agency -- the one that fits you. If you like the place, don't ever let them beat you down. The most stress is not from the public. It's from your own brass. After 30+ years with my last department, I out lasted all the assholes who tried to stop me from doing right.

    Not a day goes by that I don't miss it. Any cop who tells you different, is either lying to you or himself. Or, maybe they just sucked at it.

    -- ML

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    You did not fail, your leaders did. You served with honor and integrity and did what was right in your heart. That is all that can be asked of any man. Thank you for 20 years of your service.

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    My POV.

    What I did, I did not do for the nation, nor the state, nor the city, and certainly not for the citizens. I did it for me.

    I did it to express my warrior nature and my warrior heart.

    A bland life without any stories of danger, and sadness, and joy, and ridiculous events we laugh about that seemed so serious at the time, is an empty life. A boring life without flambouyant brothers, aches and pains that each have a tale to tell, heroic deeds, and insane and incredible stories, would be a horrible thing in my opinion. When you are in your nineties, on that rocking chair, contemplating your last few days...that glass of expensive something in your hand, you thoughts, preceded by an evil smile, should be "motherfucker...what a ride...we were there...we did those things".

    And we did those things for us...nobody else.
    Gabriel Suarez

    Turning Lambs into Lions Since 1995

    Suarez International USA Headquarters

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    It's never for nothing.
    You did it for yourself.
    Defending what you believe in.
    No regrets.
    USN 1976-1998
    Western Australia
    Gulfport MS
    Diego Garcia BIOT
    Belle Chasse LA
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    “You have to do things on other people’s behalf, and they will hate you for it.”

    Thank you all, for what you do.
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    “This is no time for ease and comfort. It is the time to dare and endure.” - Churchill

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    Truth! Former MP and DOD. I've been offered a job for mostly part time work and events for a small university department, but it's been more than 5 years so I have to go through POST again. I hate running but I'm running again. It sucks. The recent climate and media hype about LE has me reconsidering working again. But I do miss it. Most people don't realize that the heads of departments are not line officers but political appointees, sheriffs being the exception. The political crap was heavy back in 2008 when I left. Today's climate is way worse. Just be the best you can be and do what you know is right then accept the political consequences.
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    Not a day goes by that I don't miss it. Any cop who tells you different, is either lying to you or himself. Or, maybe they just sucked at it.

    -- ML
    "Fight with your spirit and the sword will follow."

    Stupid can be fatal. Don't get any on you.

    Robert D

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