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    Best of luck, and prayers on the way.

    My wife had #2 15 years ago (#3 wasn't an option back then). She opted for a mechanical valve (they last twice as long as a tissue valve). Her recovery was a lot easier than we expected: very little pain.

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    Number 1 wouldn't be my first choice
    Wife had number 2 done several years ago. It was the standard for decades and still is if a bypass is required at the same time. She opted for the Pig valve because the mechanical requires blood thinners for the rest of your life. The doctor and I thought it was the wrong choice and she is on blood thinners now anyway.
    Number 3 was experimental then.

    Prayers sent.
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    Prayers sent.

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    Prayers sent.
    Check 6,
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    Prayers sent.
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    Prayers sent

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    Thanks y'all.
    It's crazy as this my only cardiovascular issue. I don't have any blockages or high cholesterol. All the other valves are just fine. Just that one freaking Aortic Valve.
    Got a more comprehensive test coming up.
    If it's absolutely needing done the VA here will be sending me to the Palo Alto VA for treatment.
    Only symptoms I was having are running out of breath when engaged in exertion and getting light headed when I need to bend over for extended periods.
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    Palo Alto VA is affiliated with Stanford Med, you would be in excellent hands. Get it done asap.

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    Prayers sent...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbert West View Post
    Do what your CV surgeon recommends as the best option, and asap. I recall back in physiology 101, aortic stenosis, one of the presenting symptoms is sudden death.
    My grandfather just died of this at west palm beach VA Hospital in November. Collapsed on the phone with my mother.

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