My Father had #3 about 6 weeks ago. He had 2 stints for 2 veins (85% & 90%) blockages on the left side and his heart grew 3 new veins and bypassed itself on the 2 veins on the right side that were both 100% blocked. Had his heart not bypassed itself (God's hand, for certain) he'd had to be cracked open. We are thankful to have avoided that. My Dad has always been active, as he was an airline mechanic for 45 years before retirement, and is 5'10" 175 at age 84. One month after surgery he was out felling trees and splitting firewood. His only real symptom for his aortic valve was fatigue. His GP told him at his January physical, that his murmur had gotten so bad that he was afraid my Mom would kill him if he didn't insist Dad go to the cardiologist. The GP kept him from the widow-maker for certain. Procedure done at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital.

God Speed in the decision and execution of the plan!