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    Lightbulb Cutting a Sig 365 Slide?

    I know we are Glock people here, but the Sig 365 is the right size gun for alot of situations. I think it would be great if someone (Suarez Int.) would cut the slides for Red Dots. The bullshit aftermarket slides with their cool go fast cuts and mohawks and sideburns do not intrest me at all.
    I find myself carrying the Sig 365 more often than my G43 since it has a decent action job and I have faith in it developed after 800-900 Plus P practice rounds.
    I wonder how the Big Cheese at Suarez feels about this.......

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    When I bought my 365xl and it came already factory cut.
    Still haven't picked up a optic for it.
    I'm really not in love with the feel of it when shooting it.
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    Honestly we've had a few in the shop, for the most part I can describe the trigger simply as absolutely unappealing, like a clumsy, mushy this. That being said, Sig offers a factory cut slide for the Romeo Zero, which fits a 407/507k

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    This is a 365XL w/ factory optic cut and a Holosun 507k. As ShopMonkey said, the trigger leaves a lot to be desired-especially if you're used to a tuned Sig SRT- but the rest of it it pretty impressive. A lot of BB's in a little package, it disappears AIWB. Not my EDC, but an optimized niche gun.
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