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I've been saying this for years.

America cannot last in its current state. There are too many socio/political/cultural zones that are too different from one another to exist cohesively.

The US will likely balkanize.... after the shooting war, or maybe before... I dunno. Portland is not where I live, and portlandians aren't welcome here, unless they're attempting to escape the commie bullshit.
I've worked all over the country, and unfortunately spent too much time in in CA, the Northwest, and a few of the big cities over the years. The big city folks and the home of the media types honestly have no clue that the rest of the country isn't like them. Drive around West Texas, or small town North Carolina, middle of nowhere Iowa, and the factories, refineries, and manufacturing base that gives them everything from the paper that wipes their asses to the ram materials that make their clothes are either made there, warehoused there, or transported by the people that live there, and they are US... Most of this country isn't them, they may have a large population but they are contributing to the things that make the country actually function and they are all located in a few concentrated areas. Even California is mostly US by land mass. The Farm Land, the Mountains, the Industrial Base in CA is US. One of these days they will find out that when they only listen to their voices and only hear the voices that say what they want to hear, they will have missed the warning.

Canceling us, alienating us, and ignoring us only makes them ignorant to our existence and our frustrations. 2016 proved this, we will prove it again.