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    COVID-19 is here to stay, say experts, who believe emerging variants coupled with vaccine hesitancy is likely to make it impossible to achieve herd immunity in the U.S.

    According to The New York Times, more than half of U.S. adults have had at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccines, but daily vaccination rates are falling. Scientists and public health experts now believe that reaching the threshold of immunity to stave off the virus is unattainable in the foreseeable future, and maybe forever.

    What they predict is that COVID-19 will will remain for many years to come, causing hospitalizations and deaths, but to a much lesser degree than experienced so far.

    Read Newsmax: Herd Immunity Is Unlikely in the US: Experts |

    Taipan's Notes....Check Your Nutsack America!!

    First, I personally know now over fifty people that have had the fact I think Shield Maiden and I had it December 2019...that not only did not have to be hospitalized, but had no more issues than a bad fucking flu. The oldest is a couple of 80 year olds...the youngest is a 13 year old. So I will call a big fat fucking bullshit on the Rona being the epidemic of death to America.

    There are outliers in every flu season, but sorry...I am not going to cancel my life or close my business because you are a feeble fat assed motherfucker that a mosquito bite would have sent you on Charon's long boat ride.

    America is coming fast to a crossroads. One way leads to dangerous freedom, the other leads to the illusion of security.

    It is historical. Think of crossing the Rubicon with Caesar....setting sail with Columbus, watching the ships burn with Cortez's Army in Mexico...or standing on a fucking bridge waiting for the British to shoot first (by the those Brits would have been murdered in their sleep or while they drank their morning tea...but I digress). America is fast coming to one of those points of decision. A crossroad.

    On one side is dangerous and uncertain freedom.
    On the other is the illusion of safety.

    Choose NOW dog, so that you will not be uncertain of your future path.
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    I read some bullshit propaganda article about this earlier. Still not getting the shot. Heck, I didn’t even realize that these morons wanted us to wear masks when outside until I read that the cdc said that people who got the shot can go without masks outside. I laughed and said, wait, that means these idiots wanted us to wear them in the first place. The wife laughed.

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    There is no choice. Uncertain freedom beats certain slavery every time.
    I was born for a storm, and a calm does not suit me. - Andrew Jackson

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    All the gnashing of teeth about herd immunity they never add the percentage of people that have had the chicom flu, so the numbers are glaringly disingenuous. T and I had it in January and are done with all the pandemic porn, period.

    Last summer we rode 9k miles and 13 states and will again. Our life goes on to the dismay of some it seems.

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    The media is the virus.

    Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who do not.

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    Shocking... not. Back when the morons in charge started mumbling about variants a bunch of us here said they would use it as the new pivot.
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    I don't understand how the "vaccine" and herd immunity are even connected. The idea of herd immunity was a topic of discussion before a vaccine was even on the table. If the virus were allowed to simply run its course, and people got it and recovered, that would (or, at least, could) establish herd immunity. The presence or absence of a vaccine is irrelevant to herd immunity.

    My take is that presenting the the issue in this way, their goal is to guilt people into getting a shot. It's certainly not the first time that politicians have used guilt to sell an idea. And this time they are backed by big pharma who will use any means available to sell their product.

    I've had a couple of people now ask me if I would be willing to get the shot "if it meant that we could go back to normal." I'm not shocked, but I am saddened at the thoughtless manner in which people will sacrifice their own liberty in exchange for a promise.

    And this statement should be framed:

    Quote Originally Posted by paranoid View Post
    The media is the virus.
    Virtute et Armis

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    Did anyone really believe it was going to be any different? If everyone ran out and got vaccinated tomorrow, the .gov would tout the threat of emerging variants as a means to hold onto their power and claim that herd immunity was still impossible to achieve. Americans, as a whole, would continue to give away their freedoms while virtue signaling with their masks to maintain their social credit scores and standing with the rest of the sheep in the community.

    I went to the mountains a few days ago to get out in nature and escape this shit. You know what I saw? People were out twenty miles from nowhere on the trails with MASKS on. Arghhhh!
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    Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since I got it confirmed with a PRC test. Lost my smell and taste, had 1 day of body aches, a persistent cough, and energy was zapped for a few days. Nothing to make a big deal of.
    Best immunity there is.

    Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who do not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcdxd View Post
    I went to the mountains a few days ago to get out in nature and escape this shit. You know what I saw? People were out twenty miles from nowhere on the trails with MASKS on. Arghhhh!

    There's always idiots with their masks on by themselves...usually driving a prius...

    Less prevalent in some areas though.

    I currently have two contractors over doing some work and no one is wearing masks or gloves. Definitely hiring them again.

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