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    Quote Originally Posted by Benjamin Liu View Post
    I'm not very familiar with drug overdoses, but once Floyd ingested those drugs, and if the paramedics were not aware he overdosed, would it have really mattered what happened after that?

    The stats on Excited Delirium generally go, when the dude stops fighting, he is at 80% chance of death as the outcome.... regardless of what you do.

    On a standard overdose of heroin or fentanyl , you slip away and fall "asleep", respiration is suppressed and you die. No Narcan introduced onboard and he is essentially already pretty far along in the dying process.

    Now emergency medicine can do some amazing things, but based on the tests and testimony introduced in the case (I watched/listened to the entire trial) George had way too many pre-existing conditions to have a positive outcome.

    If you want to go down the youtube rabbit hole. Look up John Hinds RIP , he and the staff have done an amazing job of rapid access emergency medicine.... and the dude did what he loved till the end, though I dont know how he sat the bike with balls that big.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntindoc View Post
    My take is very simple. Mob rule. Each jury member was personally afraid of what would happen to them if they acquitted. The verdict was pre-determined.

    I think that we will find some years down the road that one or more of the jury members admitting that they voted guilty out of fear of retribution.

    How the jury was not sequestered and allied to see all the news and social media ranting on this is beyond me. I realize the judge ordered them not to listen to anything about the trial but do you thing that really happened?
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