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    So I couldn't wait and wanted to try the concept out for myself. Lucked out and Cabelas had a maglink in stock some how.

    Before I got one and tried it out I wondered if on the AR pistol it would be an a great position and be pretty centered. That with the weight being centered it wouldn't really effect the handling. About a half hour ago I got it assembled on a couple .300 blk mags. Loaded of course because weight. Don't worry the hammer was down on an empty chamber and I'm not a moron that does things with out thinking.

    I am happy to report that after running a bunch of drills through the house it works like I thought. The balance is great and the gun moves like it normally would. Its just a little heavier. No biggie. Within the scope that Gabe was thinking I think its a great fit and worth while.

    Then I got on WT and these threads were up. lol.
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    Default Mag Couplers: Changing times and situations.

    I had never considered using mag couplers on my traditional ARs. This is NOW. My Hyena nipped me on the forearm and growled "buy it least two". Saves time and gives me " space/weight " options in my Vertx and Sneaky Bags.
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