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    After the attempt by the entire intelligence network in this country to unseat a duly elected president by falsifying documents, abstract lying, and throwing an election, is it really that far a leap to think that they would not sacrifice a few lemmings to gain their desired political ends. Look at Operation Northwoods, and you have to consider that was 50 years ago, long before the current self-serving, sociopathic, deviant, god-men and women (in their minds) came to power. One must entrench firmly in their mind that, to those in power, we mean nothing, and I am talking lint nothing. After looking at everything that has happened since 9/11, it is not that hard to put the pieces together, and such shootings are just another piece of the puzzle. ( I do have my tin foil hat at the ready because there is a 5G tower being erected 97 yds from my home and it fits nicely beneath my ACH). In this instance, they want to destroy our right to keep and bear arms, and they seek to legitimize that desire, regardless of the fact that more people are killed with hammers (got a license for that claw hammer, buddy?) than "assault rifles". Perhaps I have grown too cynical, but I think not. Just this week it was revealed that two ATF agents went shooting with David Koresh days before the Waco debacle. Think they just could have arrested him then, rather than killing 80 men women and children? It is all about greed and the power of the few. Expect it to get worse, unless the psychotic, megalomaniacs get their way. I see lots of blood in our future, just wonder if the powers that be are willing to pay that price themselves? I think not as that is what the useless idiots were created for.

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    When you have elected and appointed officials (and their family members) clearly getting away with crimes, then anything becomes plausible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    Moved this over from the Colorado Shooter thread because it is a topic in and of itself...and should be discussed.


    I suspect that there are factions in this government that seek out these types much in the same way that UC operatives infiltrate cell of criminals. Then they cultivate them...keep pushing them once they find their "keys"...perhaps tempt them with a honey pot deal, or even use drugs to mold their behavior...prepping them mentally to do the bidding of whosoever wants them to do something. Then at certain points, they are turned loose.

    And anyone that thinks that the perennially "good guy" American government would never stoop to such Stalinesque tactics, I would suggest waking the fuck up and looking around at the last year in America. I won't say that this is only the purview of the Left as we have had similarly self-focused right based administrations. But predominantly, there is far more evil on the left, the democrat side, specifically because at their root they are communists.

    Interesting article here - Presidents And Mass Shootings

    During Obama's admin there were 24 active shooter events...the most for any prior President. During Trump's...only 4.

    Its my opinion that the left has these "groundhogs" buried and dredge them up when they need a mass casualty event to push their leftist agenda. Lost lives and tragedies mean nothing to them as long as it drives their agenda home .

    A year ago, I honestly would have said youíre crazy if you said this. Now... I donít even find it a contentious thing to say. The past year has been quite the eye opener. Iíve heard normal people who have never been politically interested in the slightest, openly say the same thing you just said in this post in the past few days. What was once the purview of the fringe conspiracy theorist, is now part of ordinary Americanís mundane conversation.

    The timing of these events is too coincidental to be... coincidental. After years of almost no active shooters, we get three in a row, mere DAYS after the hard push for more anti-gun legislation spools up? Naw, thatís TOO perfect to be a coincidence; thatís enemy action.
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    Its not necessary for some shadowy agents to contact these people as the leftwing media fully understands the power of psychological contagion.

    If the left needs a mass shooting the know they can produce clusters of three just by their reporting.

    The problem arises with the fact that while they can produce contagion they cannot control what type of nutter they trigger. They need white males who’s motives they can call alt-right.

    This laster cluster of three they got one white guy who’s motives were sex related (but they could shoe horn him in to their narrative).

    Then for the next two they got a Syrian born Islamist and a Black Nationalists as EXTREMELY problematic to their narrative.

    So while they can predictably create mass murder events......they cannot control what ethnic or ideological polarized nuts respond.

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    I'm tired of our American Flag being lowered repeatedly, i.e., used as a political prop to support the agenda of an ideology that literally hates what said flag stands for...
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    Sadly, anymore I literally put nothing past the Communist Democrats, literally nothing. They will do anything to satiate their lust for power and control. Further, I don’t believe in coincidences with shit like this, just right out of the box I raise the BS flag. There is an agenda, there always has been and the radical left is in it for the long game...

    The lawless Ruling Class thrives on chaos and it is how they advance their agenda - create the chaos then rush in to save the day with more government and less liberty and freedom for the peasants, who happen to be us.

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    This is exactly my thinking on this subject. Amazingly coincidental that when Democrats gain control, the shootings start. It's almost as if it was planned.

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