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    Not me. My strategy is simple...I have foot work to maintain status quo...distance.

    Most important part in my opinion for distance and closing...
    I was born for a storm, and a calm does not suit me. - Andrew Jackson

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    There was a class we had Tom Sotis at in Prescott some 15 years ago. There was an FBI student of those "Not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe" type guys. Kept asking about real knife fights...over and over, Finally Sotis said he couldn't teach him what he wanted. The exasperated look on the student's face caused Tom to recant, and looked around. " know what I mean right?" "Yes sir".

    Make a long story short...we had a real knife fight right there...ended up on the floor stabbing and biting each other with torn shirts and all manner of chaos. At one point Tom said...Ok...stop. "THAT is a knife fight". And that was that.
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    “Not me. My strategy is simple...I have foot work to maintain status quo...distance. I am muscular enough and agile enough that I can knock over somebody, or move them into the path of my attacker if I want to. I always carry a firearm and ignore signs left and right. The moment I sense a physical attack, I am going to pull the 60 year old retired cop and go to guns immediately. Try to take me down, I will shoot you in the face and anywhere else I have access to. Throw a punch, I will slip it and guns...if I punch your teeth into your windpipe without shooting you in the mouth, consider yourself blessed.”

    This is so true. I’m almost 57 and not big but strong and in good physical condition, jiu jitsu training for the physical benefits and fun. But...My plan is exactly what you wrote.

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