Just back from a "rescue" mission, a friend had a blow out on his way to therapy this morning and needed help changing the tire due to bad back. Got to talking about the problems he is having with their adoptive son (he is the son of their sons old girlfriend and=== just a mess so I won't say more). He is 17 and acting out bad. Using drugs, staying out all hours and back talking etc. They are at their wits end with him. He says come July when he turns 18 he is gone! Terry and Linda are good folks. He is the director of missions for out local church association and they do a fantastic job. They have done their best to do right by the boy but you know how it turns out sometimes. Terry has a back problem that this is not helping (that is why he needed me for tire.) Please keep them in your prayers. It is one of those situations where you don't really know what to do. The kid is talking to a therapist (I hope that is good, there are some around that ain't worth spitting on.)