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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa View Post

    Anyone wants to "ignore" me, feel free.
    Why the hell would anyone want to ignore you? You have a lot of wisdom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MesserMan View Post
    Bro, every piece of advice you’ve received so far has been excellent. Even the crude replies. Hard and fast stabbing is where it’s at, as well as knowing when to initiate the attack or counter-attack. In all the classes I’ve been in, for every system, the full-contact sessions ALWAYS devolved into monkey-stabbing between both parties.... even when both guys were of very high skill level. Why? Because the fancy stuff just didn’t work when things got intense.
    I'm not sure what gives y'all the impression I'm looking to learn mystical knife fighting or some sh_t. Two of the systems I specified--Libre and Piper, are literally documented and systematized shanking systems. The only difference is that fewer people practice Piper to my knowledge, and its based on South African street knife work.

    I am not sure what has y'all confused here. It seems the only people who actually read what I wrote, are Brent and Cacti.

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    This looks like a good one to read up on... My knowledge of knife work is weak.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shogunater View Post
    What are the modern systems worth studying? MBC, Libre, piper....?
    Scott Babb does some really good stuff with Libre.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlad the Impaler View Post
    Scott Babb does some really good stuff with Libre.
    It sounds like he does good stuff with Nacho Libre too according to Hasher

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    Nachos?? Sounds good.

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    Most knives are too short for any sort of "knife fencing" system. Honest-to-goodness fencing (with a sword) uses the blade for both offense and defense. Unless you are carrying something with an 8-9 inch blade, you just don't have enough to make an effective parry. So you are essentially doing hand-to-hand stuff...except that a blade with an edge can do damage if you block it. It won't be pretty.

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