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    Default AK vs. AR. Icing

    At minus 6 C Russian Tests AK versus ARs and other guns under frozen conditions.

    I live florida so I am not too impressed, but I like to see how rifles will preform under test conditions. The AK safety lever and also the magazine release I see have a lot of leverage for throwing when frozen. Being over gassed also is good for freezing conditions.

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    ARIZONA....more concerned with dust and sand. I have no intentions of EVER living n a frozen waste land. That said...If God cursed me and I was forced to live in Siberia and wear mittens...I'd leave my M4s and Glocks at home and grab the Suchka...and the SIG P226
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    Yeah... in Florida I'll stick with my Sotaracha or Cherry Balmz. Slip2000EWL or ALG Go Juice are acceptable oil alternatives. And the AR platform. And let's be honest, more water was able to be introduced into the inside of the AR platform by the angle the water was poured than that would affect function than the AK. And how well were the AR platforms lubed and with what? And CLP? Really?
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    Throw the AK and the AR into some nice Georgia or Minnesota mud. The nice red stuff that shows up in vacation spots around the world.

    Then see which fires and functions.
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    So this is the crazy russian version of InRangeTV's absurd mud tests but with ice?

    As for lubes just use something that is rated for the temperature range you expect to be in. I have a thread on lubricants somewhere...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa View Post
    Throw the AK and the AR into some nice Georgia or Minnesota mud. The nice red stuff that shows up in vacation spots around the world.

    Then see which fires and functions.

    The InRange people do something like that and the AR wins if the dust cover and magazine are in place. The AR is better at keeping crap out of the gun and the AK is better at dealing with it once it gets into the gun.

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    I live in northern MI. A couple years ago I did my own test on a few ARs. Temperatures were just below zero. I did what I thought was more realistic the pouring water on. I did a couple mag dumps to get them hot, and then threw them in a pile of snow and let them freeze. I didn't have any trouble operating the controls because those areas never really got hot enough to melt a substantial amount of snow.

    They were however sluggish. I added lube to one and it was running good. The other I put on a suppressor and it didn't skip a beat..

    No doubt the AK has an advantage over the AR, but the AR does ok.

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    If you want to know for yourself, it's pretty easy to drop your rifle in the deep freezer overnight if you can take it out and shoot at home. I've done this, and the results are highly dependent on what the rifle is lubed with and how much of it. It applies to bolt actions too; lube or moisture in the firing pin channel can gum up and prevent firing.

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    I will not be running an ar in Siberia anytime soon. I need mine to operate from 0-105 degrees F and they have done so very well so far. I say forget the fancy, expensive lube. A quart of good synthetic motor oil will work just fine.

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    On a related side note. If you want the best pump action for icy conditions, the Ithaca is the one to get. If you are out in the lousy weather that is Northeastern hunting season it's not uncommon for some snow or freezing rain to get on your shotgun, drip then freeze onto the bolt. That's an issue. The Ithaca doesn't have an ejection port on the side of the action, it's on the bottom. The 37 and its variants are prized for that reason by those who hunt those conditions.

    There's ways of keeping sleet and freezing rain out of your Wingmaster, but the Ithaca is the best choice for sitting in a blind in that mess.

    I figured since we're talking ice and guns, someone reading this might want to know this detail.

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