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    Default experience with aftermarket hard tops on Jeep Wrangler

    Back story I have opportunity to pick up a relatively late model (2018 I think ) with roughly 35k miles on it at a price I think is quite reasonable. It was a guys toy, always kept in pole shed. I like everything about it except it's a soft top. He says aftermarket hard tops are plentiful, and quick google search tends to make me agree.

    My question, Is there anything I need to know about aftermarket hard tops? I assume getting the absolute correct year and trim level is critical.
    Also this is the short jeep not the big 4 door.

    Thanks gents

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    Call a few wrecker shops in your area that do pick 'n pull, if you're willing to give it some time. Find 2-3 bigger yards and ask around as to who else you should call. I've successfully gotten color matched BMW hood, a Z300 door and Subaru passenger seat this way for ~30% of what new from the parts department would have run me. Also consider posting up on a local jeep forum if you want to go 100% hard top, you may find someone who wants to swap.


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