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Thread: I need prayer

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    Default I need prayer

    I've been off this forum for many years (occassional peeks here and there).

    Things are comming back together for me professionally.

    Praise the Lord for my jobs:
    Security at the U of MN, and continued position of Emergency & Disaster Management at Ramsey County.
    As a big bonus I am now set to become a Defensive Tactics Instructor (LOCKUP and Aerko) for the U of M Security Dept.
    I am also taking an NRA Instructor course soon to be re-certified to teach MN Permit to Carry courses.
    Personally training in martial arts at the MN Kali Group in Minneapolis.

    What I really need prayer for is the troubling situation of finally divorcing my wife after 14 years . . . A most difficult situation and decision.
    She has been more difficult to communicate and cooperate with, it has been emotionally taxing, and freeing at the same time.
    My Pastor has agreed to be a mediator and I am temporarily living with the Youth Pastor.

    My specific prayer requests:
    Me, my Pastor, and attorney for wisdom, compassion and doing what what is best for me and Beth (no kids).
    For Beth and that she will get any needed help (I'll leave out details, the Lord knows).
    For any reasonable way I can keep her in her home (our house).
    For my heart, as I want to move on in life and remarry someday (never had an affair - except in my heart).

    These are the things that weigh on my heart the most right now.
    Thank you
    Brent Fox
    Fox Defensive Training
    (website to return by spring 2021 . . .I hope!)

    Emergency Preparedness, Armed & Unarmed Combatives
    St Paul, MN
    I love online school. . . I can attend class NAKED and CARRYING A GUN!
    (OK, the holster chaffs my skin, Ill take it off !

    Jesus is Lord

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    Prayers lifted in Jesus name for all your requests brother. FWIW, I went thru i6 years ago. Forgiveness is key, for you. Best wishes Brent. Sounds like you're on track.

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    Prayers sent for all involved
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    Prayers sent.
    I went through divorce in June of 2017.
    At first it seemed like the worst thing that could happen but it turned out to be the BEST thing. My life is 100% better in all ways.
    There's nothing like the FREEDOM of being single.

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    Prayers sent
    Gabriel Suarez

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    Prayers lifted for the best outcome for all involved....

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    Prayers on the way Brent

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    Prayers sent

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    Prayers sent.
    Check 6,
    Air Pirate out.
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    I'm going to say the hard thing, but it comes from a position of love.

    We as Christians have often weakened to the point that we accept the standards and expectations of this world, rather than adhering to the Law laid out by God. The Biblically acceptable criteria for divorce are quite few. I won't assume that they don't exist here, because even if they did I would understand why you would not want to point it out. But being tired of someone or "having had enough" isn't a justification for breaking an oath that you made before God. Marriage isn't always easy. Sometimes it takes work. Sometimes it requires a level of sacrifice that seems superhuman.

    I'll pray for you. But I won't pray that it is an easy and amicable split. I'll pray that you find a way to work it out. I'll pray that the two of you can dig deep, sacrifice for one another, and hold true to the promise you made.

    I congratulate you on your professional achievements. But those things all mean very little when viewed along side the importance of your marriage. And not even your marriage stacks up to your relationship with God.

    There is only one thing that God promises us he will deliver if we ask for it: wisdom. I'll pray for you. You pray for wisdom. And patience helps a lot, too.
    Virtute et Armis

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