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    Default 2 Remington Tac-13s AVAILABLE

    With the uncertainty of Remington's product lines and their inability to product solid production numbers for The V3 Tac-13 line, we're cleaning out the safe. We have 2 Tac-13's ready to ship!
    The first features GG&G's oversized charging handle and bolt release, an SB tactical fixed brace SBM4 kit with magpul k grip, our Jungle Gun modifications, np3 follower, mag tube spring, and our NEW Tac-13 compatible RMR mount
    The second Tac-13 features pur np3 follower, SB tactical fixed brace SBM4 kit with magpul k grip, and a GG&G charging handle
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    I'll take the first one with my wolverine in FDE.
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    Both of those look exceptional.
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    Gosh dang, right when I really gotta save my money...I'd love one of those as a car gun. I need to snag a birdshead Tac-14 for that purpose, though.

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