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    Quote Originally Posted by barnetmill View Post
    I do not believe Josey Wales was an actual person and lot of what was done relative to technique did not strike me as realistic, but I have not seen that film in a long time and could be wrong. The southern mountains in places that still have forests are still a good place to hide. That abortion clinic bomber hid out for quite a while before he got caught somewhere IIRC in the Carolina mountains.
    No he wasn't but he's a decent portrayal of the countless men who for one reason or another, good or bad, took up arms against each other in various guerrilla bands across the Ozark mountains of Arkansas and Missouri.
    At least in the beginning of the movie. Many didn't make it through the war or much long after. Neither William Quantrill or Bloody Bill Anderson survived the war. Despite a few western movies and TV shows to the contrary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chad newton View Post
    Heís nicer then I would be, he only killed the high ranking....
    Read the book. It's great. He wasn't that restrained; he just knew how to prioritize.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Hard back is on the way!
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    A very good read. One focused man dedicated to the mission can make a real difference
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