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I've always had a wanked up sleep schedule, from being a military cop, an overnight truck driver and a college student in my first decade or so of adult life. My mental engine would get running late at night, and I couldn't sleep, I'd be so wired. Note that I never drank coffee and only occasionally drank alcohol. It was common for me to stay up past one a.m. or later and still get up the next day as needed. Like many here, I could nap at the drop of a hat, in the back of a hummer or UH-60 or in the shade of a rock. Late to bed, I'd prefer to sleep in on weekends, but I was always able to get up and function at o-dark-thirty if necessary, no problem.

I always have and still do believe in naps, be they fifteen minutes or an hour or so. I remember an interview with the writer Jerzy Kosinski (Being There is one of the great political satires of our time) who was a nap devotee. He treasured the multiple waking experiences he got each day from a sporadic sleeping schedule. I totally got what he said. I did a ton of writing at night in college and would nap between classes. If it wasn't for my wife I'd still have trouble with my sleep cycle; leave it to the fairer sex to civilize the beast.

Fast forward to the present ... I'm now eligible for Social Security, a little older and maybe a bit wiser. If you're having trouble sleeping or think you're sleepin' and have trouble staying awake or feeling tired all the time, I strongly suggest getting a sleep study done. The VA does them all the time and funds everything, or so i'm told. I have great healthcare through my former job, so I went that route instead. I was told by a few of my former army mates (some of whom are what i call "professional beneficiaries") that the VA pays out nicely if you have service-related sleep apnea. I dunno ... I never made any claims on any of that stuff. Call me stupid, but I've seen waaaay too much fraud and not enough guys getting what they really need. But that's another topic for another day.

Anywho, about twelve or so years ago I was stressing out at work, feeling exhausted all the time, and a variety of other things. Plus I couldn't drive more than ten, twenty minutes without dozing off. The snoring pushed my wife off the edge; she'd hear me stop breathing, then she'd lie awake waiting for me to take a breath. Did the sleep study, found out I was waking up a hundred times an hour -- which I didn't know was possible -- and thus not getting any REM (or deep) sleep.

I hate that fucking CPAP machine, but it works wonders. Actually, I have two: my original, which is about the same size and weight as a 5.56 ammo can on its side. It probably saved my marriage, but it was a pain in the ass do travel with. My newest one, a much smaller lightweight piece, travels easily and is very quiet. I now get more quality sleep in less time, though I do indulge in the occasional ten o'clock bedtimes.

Like I said, I hate the CPAPs and don't like being dependent on them, but they do work. After I came out of the closet at work, I found out all sorts of guys use them, other soldiers, firefighters, young guys, old guys, fat guys and any guys. I hear some women use them, too, but don't know of any. The main thing is that they help me sleep; and after all, it's all about me, right?
I will second this 100%. When I left homicide I gained three doctors and get to take pills everyday, and that damn CPAP machine.

BUT, I feel better then I have in 10 years, I am working out harder then I have in a long time.

I also wake up feeling better on much less time in the rack.