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Scroll down to the Budokan Forum to read some of Mr. Tripp's writings. I'd be interested in your comments.
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This is a copy of Mark Tripp's Combat Judo basic course.

Judoka, what about the O Soto Otoshi instead of O Soto Gari? I agree it is better--faster, you are not on one foot so long, and you can drive the "cutting" leg down and back with tremendous power.

Any comments?

ACJ - Basic Course
I. Introduction
a. Combatives vs Arts vs Sports
b. Types of Combatives
1. Military
2. Police/Security
3. Civilian
c. The 4 rules of conduct
1. Don’t drink to excess, avoid those who do.
2. Do not use illegal drugs, avoid those who do.
3. Do not pursue illicit sexual encounters.
4. Neither accept or offer a "challenge" behavior

II. Fundamental Principles
a. Simple
b. Performed at great speed
c. Practiced until instinctive
d. Practiced full power on live resisting opponents
e. Be neither size or clothing specific

III. Selection of Techniques
a. Brevity and Simplicity above all else!
b. There are NO rules! Go for the family jewels!
c. There is NO defense; ATTACK!
d. Primary Targets:
1. Eyes
2. Groin
e. Secondary Targets:
1. Nose
2. Instep

IV. Balance and Footwork
a. Show “fight or flight” crouch
b. Teach all techniques from this position first
c. Stay on your feet, NO ground fighting!
d. C steps and In place pivots
e. Moving to positions 1, 2, 3 and 4

V. Blows with the hands
a. Edge of the Hand
b. Chin Jab (Tiger Claw)
c. Chin Jab and Trip (Tiger Claw to Osoto Otoshi)
d. Ear Slap and thumb the eyes
e. Elbow Shift

VI. Blows with the feet
a. Step away front kick
b. Pivot front kick
c. Stomping Kick
d. Finishing Kicks (Kicking a fallen man)

VII. Strangles
a. CVR Hold
b. Japanese Strangle
c. V crank and break

VIII. Take downs
a. Basic Front Take down (underhook and roll)
b. Basic Rear Take down (O soto Otoshi)

“Unarmed Fighting” is what we do when we are going for our weapons or we have been so foolish as not to have one.
In either case we must end the encounter swiftly and with extreme measures.”

X. Situations
a. Punching Attack (Wedge Up Position)
1. High Inside Attack
2. High Outside Attack
3. Low Inside Attack
4. Low Outside Attack

b. Kicking Attack (Double Dribble)
1. Inside attack
2. Outside Attack

c. A and B above against more than one opponent.

d. a above but with clothing grab

e. c above but with clothing grab

f. Combat Ground Fighting
1. Remember the goal is to end the fight not win a match.
2. Get to your feet ASAP!
3. NEVER go to the ground unless forced to.

g. Dangerous Hold Escapes
1. ANY “dangerous” hold or “submission” can be broken
by attacking the eye, the groin, biting or stomping the instep.

XI. Weapon Defenses

a. Knife
1. Stuff the draw
2. Kick and Run
3. Grab ANYTHING and smash him!
4. Twist, Trap, Attack

b. Handgun
1. Run
2. If you are sure you will be shot
a. Basic front disarm
b. Basic Rear disarm
c. Gun under jaw disarm
d. Gun in groin disarm

XII. Advanced Drills

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04-25-2005, 03:20 PM
O Soto Otoshi is harder to get against an experianced Judoka (or any trained grappler). In fact what you usualy see is O Soto Gake rather than O Soto Gari. O Soto Otoshi is much easier and quicker to learn though. That's probably why it's included by Mark here and why it's in KOGK.

I've been meaning to outline the tools in my SD toolbox for years. Take an inventory if you will. Mark's list would be a good place to start. I'd only tweek a few things for myself based on my training over the years.

All-in fighting
04-25-2005, 03:33 PM
gents, it is great to see that guys are now thinking what we[ the nj/ny close combat assn . has been preaching fot about 25 years--ralph