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    It's nice. 8x is a bit much for the objective lens size in low light and for head position. The 8x erector technology is what makes these things so pricey. There are more than a few of these sitting on top of SCAR 17s running around doing good work. While it's great for it's intended use, I was as impressed, if not more impressed, with the Mark6 1-6x leupy, at one third the price, or less. I think when you are dealing with a straight tube optic, the last 2x magnification to get to 8x is stretching it, and the reticle in the Mark 6 seems to be more "general" where the CQBSS reticle is more biased for longer range employment. I haven't run them side by side or anything, so take that with a grain of salt...just my initial observations from playing with them. I think the CQBSS would have been awesome as a DMR optic if they made it with a 32mm obj, but I'm not an optics engineer, and it apparently works well.
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    I have a 2-8 mark 4 TMR with a red dot mounted at 1o/c, it works well for me. I do point shoot with it at 5 yards and in on torso targets. The red dot is used at 3-10 yards and 2 power over 10 yards. With 8 power on a 556 I no problems out to 800 yards. I only have $2200 in the whole weapon system.
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