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    Default Shotgun, Glock Armorer, and Pistol Marksmanship I & II IVO Chatanooga

    Shotgun: This was really my first time applying and combative functions to a shotgun. It was an excellent intro to the fighting shotgun. Pretty much all the types of shotguns one is likely to encounter were represented in a class of just four students; Rem 870 and 1100, Mossberg 590 and 930, and Saiga-12, also Randy mentioned some things specific to the Benelli though we didn't have that one. It was a very exciting and informative class and Randy was johnny on the spot repairing the target stands we invariably shot to pieces. All in all an enlightening class that demonstrated how powerful the shotgun really is in combat. I really don't understand why it isn't more popular. I encourage everyone to make a study of this platform.

    Glock Armorer: This class was held in the evening after the shotgun course. Randy Harris provided us with reference material and after we set up sone tables and chairs in a tack room we got down to business. The inside of a Glock was all Greek to me but a couple of hours later I was able to disassemble a Glock nto it's component systems and to disassemble those sub systems and more inportantly, put them all back together correctly. The class also demonstrated what modifications can easily be done by the user to optimize a Glock pistol the way you want yours to be. I need to apologize to Randy because I think I dozed off once or twice, well, sorry. I drove until 0400 that morning.

    Combat Pistol Marksmanship: The next two days were spent covering combative pistol marksmanship soup to nuts. Also covered were not so basic strategies to prevail in a fight at various ranges and the types of marksmanship necessary for those ranges. There was plenty of dry practice and practice on the fundamentals of shooting, shooting and moving, and transitioning to targets at dierent ranges and in different positions...

    Shoot! More to follow, gotta' go take my wife to lunch!

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    Hopefully some others in class will pop in and offer some reviews...Hint..Hint...
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