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    Might be better to separate the two concepts. I do see a lot of chest mounted holsters though. How are they avoiding the hang ups? I tend to carry my carbine strapped across my chest too. Right now I am experimenting with almost an appendix carry strong side 1:30-2:00. This weekend I will try it on the range.

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    The problem you have with anything conspicuous is that you may be categorized as an active shooter yourself. The sneaky approach is alot better. You start running around the mall in a tactical vest and ak, if I were a cop I would shoot you and ask questions later. If you can not leave the area and are forced to intervene, then shoot the person or persons you have to and get out. Just my two cents. I may sound selfish, but I will not be shot out of stupidity.

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    I am in reference to when I am the first cop on the scene.

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    I'm on uniformed patrol, and I use a shoulder bag as my "run to the battle" kit. I keep one extra pistol reload, but the rest of my bag is for supporting my rifle and patching holes.

    What about a mollie armor carrier? You're throwing on your armor, spare ammo, and medical gear all at once. Or even a plate carrier that you can customize. Something like

    I know if some sort of active shooter call came out, the detectives on our local PD would be rolling as well as the regular patrol. The detectives have armor carriers, allowing them to throw on one item and have their armor, ammo, and medical ready to go.
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    The OP has stated he IS LEO and is looking into a vest as an option.
    I would go with an armor carrier if you decide to go this route.
    After all if you are going to use a vest in this way at least be protected by it also.
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    I agree on the armor carrier. Central part of the concept.

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    I'll second the drop leg platform addition. Adding to much weight on the top will make you use way to much energy and effect your shooting. You said you carried the rifle across your chest; adding gear in the chest area can interfere with the rifle. IF you carry you pistol in one place all the time DON'T change it or you will end up screwing up a draw or transition to pistol. The term "unified training" comes to mind. It means doing the skills the same way every time for each weapon. Not relearning the skill for different gear or tactics.
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    Look at the offerings from HSGI. Combine their TACO mag pouches with their plate carriers, and you won't go wrong. Weight of a pistol on the carrier could be an issue... That being said, if you want max speed of deployment, in conjunction with some kind of armor plate carrier set up, it is viable. If you want to run a holster on a vest, the Dale Fricke Eleazar, Blade Tech, or G Code offerings are excellent. If you want to do an rmr pistol on the vest, I woulda look at the Dale Fricke offering.

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    One issue faced by a uniformed LEO, who is wearing a gun belt, is that a vest will clash with the belt rig, unless the gun belt is shucked in order to don the vest rig. Active/homicidal shooters do not give us the luxury of time to do that. A chest rig, that rides above the duty belt, is an option; my present one holds shotguns shells and two pistol mags. (I am no longer certified to carry a patrol rifle.) I recently decided that I am not likely to have time to don a chest rig, and am returning to the bag option, though the chest rig coud be kept inside the bag.

    I just ordered a Terrorist Inderdiction Bag from OST, as my ancient Special Weapons brief-style bag is quite frayed nowadays. It remains to be seen whether the TIB
    becomes a part of my patrol equipment, or is just used on my own time. As I will not need rifle mags, my bag is going to hold handgun happy sticks, instead, as the authorizing of 9mm Glocks
    as primary duty pistols seems imminent, and I just ordered three
    G18 mags from OST. (We have been all-.40 since 1997.) I may
    include an AR mag or two for my co-workers, if there is room.)
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    My MRV (Mumbai Response Vest) holds level 4 plates and carries 6 TSD AR mags, 2 cans of smoke, a dump pouch and my trauma kit; nothing that does not support the mission of taking the fight to the bad guys or saving my life. I can run in it, hit the ground for cover, and get up without it bouncing all over the place or swinging around and getting in my way.

    I simply throw the HSGI rig over my head and clip one side buckle.

    Whatever you go with, make sure you train with it to flush out any issues.
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