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    Default Point Shooting Gunfight Skills with John Chambers

    This week end was everything I had hoped and more.
    We began with a review of safety, procedures, and course outline.

    Then we taped over our sights.......

    We started with the little we shot the snot outta our pistols.... then the pieces combined into a we shot the snot outta our pistols.....flows created continuum' we shot the snot outta our pistols..."like drinking from a fire hose".

    We all shot and stayed safe...we all improved...we all pushed our limits and broke new ground.

    Again; thank you John,.looking forward to scheming the budget and training with you in the future.

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    This weekend was a great example of warriors taking active steps to increase their skillset thru hard work and using an open mind. As an instructor, this is one of my favorite classes to teach because of the student reaction to what they are able to accomplish.

    Quote of the day on Day 1: "There is NO way I thought I could shoot someone in the head without sights!"

    We worked thru the basic point shooting skill set and as the session progressed, everyone was finding that if they applied what they were learning, their ability to place a fast and accurate bust of fire into the vital parts of the target grew exponentially!

    Quote of the day on Day 2: "This met and surpassed every expectation I had before I came to class. It is so much more than I expected!"

    If you have not taken a point shooting class from SI, you are leaving a HUGE hole in your skillset as a gunfighter! Our students can put a burst into the chest and head of their target at 3 yards, they can put a single well aimed round into the eyeball at 15 yards, and they can put rounds into the chest at 100 yards. We train COMPLETE GUNFIGHTERS.

    In the meantime, others are still trying to figure out how to work their Serpa without shooting themselves in the rear end!
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    To Train with John Chambers: CLICK HERE!

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    Default Last Target Sunday Afternoon



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    Default My Buddy Daves last target

    DAVE 2218.jpg

    Last target Sunday for my buddy Dave, aka, Slim Bulverde.
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    excellent class the pacing was perfect there never was to much information presented at once it allowed us to gradually build the necessay skills one at a time to the point when they all came together.

    By the end of the first day I was able to maintain my focal point and get multiple torso hits. By the end of the second day I was doing zippers and dumping mags into the face of the target single handed.

    I again learned the limitations of my equipment the glock 26 will malfunction with extended mags and it is uncomfortable to shoot for extended periods (I now know what "glock knuckle" is) so I will be replacing it with a 19 getting a TSD grip modification and I will undercut the trigger gaurd.

    I will also be taking John's advice and will be picking up an airsoft pistol I will be able to practice the drills to the point that they are second nature.

    I really enjoyed this weekend and I feel much safer having this skill set thanks again John
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