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    Default Close Range Gunfighting in Columbia, SC with Alex Nieuwland and Chris Upchurch

    March CRG RMRs MD.jpg

    You know it's going to be a good class when not only are all of the students using Glocks, fully a third of them are sporting TSD installed RMRs.

    This was a great class! We had some really good students and everything went smoothly. Despite a threatening forecast we only saw a few sprinkles on Sunday (though we got off the range just in time Saturday afternoon). Alex and I are very happy about how this went.

    I'm looking forward to seeing many of our students in the 0-5 class next month.

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    Fabulous class, can't say enough about Chris and Alex as instructors. They take you from square one starting with basic safety and gun handling all the way to very close range (can you say your face against the target?) encounters and how to engage assailants while on the move. The course is well planned, presented and they never make you feel stupid, even when you know you are.

    I highly recommend this course to everyone who carries on the street for personal protection and even for those who don't. Until you take it you'll never know how little you really know or how good you might be able to be. Thanks again guys, can't wait till next class.

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    Alex - Chris,

    I really enjoyed the CRG class. Alex I appreciate you stopping the rain.
    The course was very well coordinated and conducted in a safe manner for the activities performed. I was impressed with the working in relays which allowed the participants to operate safely but unrestricted allowing for a more realistic training environment. Most training I have seen just lines you up and you must train in the space you have. You also were able to do this without sacrificing the information given. I never felt rushed or like anyones questions, all of which you answered, were holding up the class.

    As a SC Police Officer and firearms trainer I must say I really enjoy training with Chris & Alex. I never leave a class where I have not learned something new, discovered something in myself or improved on my performance and most often all three. I will continue to attend training offered by Alex & Chris and Very Highly recommend that others attend. You will discover the holes in most modern training out there within your first class and after that you will have the opportunity to expand your ability quickly & exponentially.
    One very important aspect of their courses is that you not only receive Top Quality instruction and coaching, they go beyond the gunfight with discussion on two very important but most often neglected issues, that being before & after the gunfight. Chris and Alex not only flawlessly integrate these subjects into the training they relate it realistically and without degrading the quality or amount of practical exercises. They give you excellent information that anyone can really implement and that could help you avoid becoming involved in a lethal confrontation as well as how to deal with the aftermath of it if you cannot.

    Barring any un-forseen event I plan on being at their 0-5 feet course in April. I look forward to seeing you guys out there.

    PS. Gabe, You have two very good and dedicated trainers here in SC. I was impressed. It tells you something when a man will get on a plane & fly from NY to SC for a 2 day class when there is I'm sure untold firearms classes between here and there. Especially when they do it more than once.

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    It was a great class even with several older gentlemen in it (there were two older than I); we older guys did well. This is my second CRG class and I wanted to refresh my skills and use my TSD RMR equipped Glock. My thanks to Alex for helping me sight it in (it helps to have young eyes). I have taken a number of classes from Chris and Alex, and they are excellent teachers and always go the extra distance to make sure we understand the why as well has the how. I always learn from them, and I will continue to take the classes they offer.

    Again, thanks for the job well done.

    I will be attending the Zero to Five class in April and look forward to seeing everyone then.

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    Another great SI training experience in the books! I said it in class (and I've said it here before), watching the videos will only get you so far. You have to get to a class and have your technique critiqued and corrected. It was great meeting some new folks, and I look forward to 0-5 Feet next month!
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    Thanks guys! As I said we had a good batch of students in this one and that really does help make the class. 0-5 is going to rock!

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