This past weekend was the Kalashnikov Rifle Gunfighting taught by Randy Harris. The course was held at Knob Creek Range, near Louisville KY. As always, the course was a mix of students with different knowledge/skills/abilities/backgrounds. Everyone was eager to learn, and the weather was unseasonable cooperative for late February.

The course served at a great way for the guys to test out their hardware and software. We all got a feeling for how our gear and weapons ran in the cold, dust and mud. There was definitely a physical component to this class, with lots of movement and positional changes. I have to believe that all the students slept soundly each night after class.

We got to see a good mix of weapons in class, including two AR's, which goes to prove the SI material isn't platform dependent. A variety of gear was also ran, with the benefits and drawbacks experienced and shared to the group.

It was an excellent weekend with good, eager students and favorable weather (although cold at times). I am glad I had the opportunity to train with this group and look forward to seeing them in future classes. I really hope to hear from them about their thoughts on the class.