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    make it black, take off the scope and red dot, put a heavier brake on their and make it a 16' dissy and that was my 3 gun AR .. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Chambers View Post
    Exactly, but if you can't run it from both sides, it does not belong on a fighting rifle.
    Sometimes when I tell people that they look at me like, wtf did he just say. :). I guess not everyone has had a chance to train with best instructors on the planet.

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    I"ve run a dot, and a variable, but not together at the same time on the same rifle.

    Pick one good optic, put on a QD mount, have good BUIS Irons, be able to use either from both sides.

    Ditch the brake and bipod.

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    the only dual optic ive ever ran is a acog with a red dot on top of it that rifle looks like nothing i would run it might be flat shooting but i can run a can for that and proper stance and make 200 meter hits with a t1 and keep it flat shooting with either my 16in gun or my 10.3 sbr and be more combat effective that that silly think with all that extra weight on the front end of the rifle

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