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    Default New Michael Janich DVD Just Released

    The most distinctive aspect of my Martial Blade Concepts system of knife tactics is its focus on using small, legal-to-carry knives to quickly and reliably stop virtually any close-range attack. By combining an exceptional understanding of human anatomy with natural, easily learned patterns of motion refined through reflex training drills, MBC creates a system of tactics that literally disable an attacker in seconds. Known as “Speed Stops,” these techniques are the core of MBC and make it one of the most brutally efficient yet responsible systems of knife tactics ever developed.

    Martial Blade Concepts Volume 4 takes you step by step through a comprehensive review of all the standard-grip applications of the MBC system. During the process, I teach both the core elements and the finer points of each technique and show you how they are derived from and supported by the reflex training drills of the MBC system.

    Produced by Stay Safe Media, here's a link for more information: VOLUME 4

    Stay safe,

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