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    Default SVDK (9.3x64mm Brenneke )


    SVDK (Russian : СВДК) is a Russian sniper rifle from the Dragunov sniper rifle family chambered for the 9.3x64mm Brenneke cartridge. The Dragunov SVDK large caliber sniper rifle (any rifle caliber above 9 mm is considered a large caliber in Russia) is a somewhat controversial weapon, recently adopted by Russian army.

    It was developed through "Vzlomshik" (Breaker) research and development program, along with 7.62 mm SV-98 sniper and 12.7 mm ASVK anti-materiel rifles. The purpose of SVDK is to deal with targets which are too hard for standard 7.62x54R sniper rifles like SV-98 or SVD, such as assault troops in heavy body armor or enemy snipers behind cover.

    There also were rumors that SVDK will serve as a long-range anti-personnel weapon. The effective range of SVDK is cited as 'about 600 meters'
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    Interesting concept I had an idea for a rifle like this awhile back take a 375H&H and load it with solids figured it would be good for punching through cover or stopping a vehicle.
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    That round was very popular as a "medium bore" in Africa and with proper bullets it was used by some to take Cape Buffalo. I bet that penetration with Barnes solids would be insane!


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