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    Default Are Troy Micro BUIS possible for a TSD AK-47?

    If one has a TSD Ak-47 with TWS rear rail and front rail, plus the M4 stock with cheek riser, could the Troy Micro BUIS work in a tandem setup? You remove original AK front sight of course. I would think using the cheek riser stock it would be fine, but has anyone dabbled in this?
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    i had the same idea about a month ago , but i put a rail on my krebs fs/gb instead of the ultimak(which looks cheesy to be honest) people have done it before and swapped back to original they just couldn deal with the aesthetics of it.
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    TWS Rail with BUIS web.jpgOne of the forum members did it, I'm posting his build.

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    The front and rear sight just have to be the same height.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Awake View Post
    TWS Rail with BUIS web.jpgOne of the forum members did it, I'm posting his build.
    I think we've all saved this pic as a future build idea...
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    Or computer background, as it is the sexiest AK ever posted on the internet.

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    ridiculous , mines a little sexier his has a much better finish though, i WANT his style handguard though for a similarly styled 106cr rebuild im doin except mine has a short stg58 FH on it.

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    looks nice for some aftermarket stuff put on it , i wouldn call it custom though , could have my wife make a saiga look like that in a afternoon. look at my pic and look at his pic and you'll see the difference

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    tantalshooter, what exactly is the set up you have on that ak you posted? what did you do to the front sight gas block to get that BUIS on there?

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