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    Default Defensive Pistol Skills Jacksonville Florida Jan 14-15

    Just wanted to say thanks to Randy Harris for a great class this past weekend. I learned alot and brushed up on some skills I needed refreshing on. Randys a great and patient teacher and gives you more than your moneys worth . I was challenged yet not overloaded with info. Also thanks to Jimmy for his hospitality and instruction as well. Mad Mike, a pleasure to meet you and the couple from Michigan, a pleasure to meet you as well, sorry if I spaced on your names, the 70s were rough on me. I look forward to my next 2 classes with Suarez International.
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    Thanks Supernaught. It was good to see you in class again. And I look forward to seeing you in South Carolina for Zero to Five in April.

    I love teaching this class. It makes me happy to take a group , teach them how to avoid becoming a victim,then teach them the FUNDAMENTALS of accurate shooting, have them practice a little bit and then see the "light bulb go on" and the smiles start happening when they realize those fundamentals allow them to make 1st round hits from the holster on a human vital zone size target at 30 yards.

    Hopefully Jimmy will get some of the pics he took posted in here in the next day or so.
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    Yeah this class was awesome. It was nice to meet you too supernaut and hope to train with you again. I will try to get up to SC for some classes. Randy is the man! I really enjoyed this class. I have been shooting for a long time but this was the first time i have ever had any actual training and i learned soo much. This class was filled with useful information for the novice or experienced shooter. Randy has so much knowledge in all areas of personal defense and teaches a lot about situational awareness as well as defensive pistol techniques in this class. He emphasizes avoiding dangerous situations first and foremost, then how to deal with them if you have no other choice. His thread here on WT about dealing with pests is very informative and was covered thoroughly in this class. The classroom portion was very interesting and teaches the reality of what really happens in a real world shooting situation and details the necessary skills to survive such a situation. Out on the range we learned everything from basic pistol handling skills to defensive shooting techniques and most importantly, not getting shot in the act. This class has given me a better understanding of shooting situations and more confidence in my abilities should I ever encounter one of these situations out in the world. Everything I learned in this class has helped me to shoot better and i can't wait to take some of these drills to the range. Can't wait to take more Suarez classes, hopefully a FOF class in the near future!

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