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    Man that's a steal on a clean DSA with those goodies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EDELWEISS View Post
    I just bought a DSA carbine from an auction, the price was just too good to pass (just over $1000--it also came with 8 mags and spares). Im thinking that Id like to add a folding stock, since I got a good deal on the rifle.

    Thoughts on a folder??

    Of course theres a L1A1 still calling me and my Sterling needs a companion......
    It sounds and looks like you got a great deal.

    The folder has a different bolt carrier and recoil system so it isn't just a matter of taking the buttstock off and throwing on a folder. I've forgotten, but I'm pretty sure the bottom receiver on the folder is different from that on the the fixed stock rifle.

    As for the L1A1 that is calling your name; think one rifle at a time.

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    Re: The L1A1 yeah its still out there unless I find another great deal. I put out a lot of "feelers" when I started looking, so who knows...

    As for the Folder, I was speaking to "Niki" at DSA today, (we are becoming friends with all my phone calls about this and that), She told me about the necessary changes and prices. I havent decided if I want or need to do it yet. After the rifle arrives I'll have a better idea. My thinking was that with the rifle already being short a folder would just add to it -AND- because I got the rifle at a good price, it wouldnt be a huge extra cost.

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    I'd recommend you handle a folder first. Some like them, some don't. A friend's Argentine folder fits me like they used me as a model to design it. No rifle I've ever held comes to aim as well as it does.
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