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    Default Defensive Knife ~ Jan 21st-22nd

    This is my first post and I would like to say hello to the WarriorTalk community.

    This was also my first class with Suarez International and it will soon be one of many. I not only enjoyed the class immensely, but I took away many tools for use in the future. Now the goal is continue practicing and increasing proficiency.

    Doug Little is an excellent instructor. I felt he was precise in his instruction, helpful in correction and simply down to earth.

    Thank You Mr. Little and the Suarez Team!!

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    Welcome to WT and the tribe! You will find excellent training opportunities with SI. Their instructors are simply the best. I too enjoyed training with Doug last fall. He is a tremendous asset to SI.

    Be humble of character, warm of heart and kind. You will know when it's time to flip the switch and unleash the beast.

    CAUTION: You can't fix stupid.....

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    Welcome to Warrior Talk!! Thanks for the kind words. They are much appreciated. I'm glad you got a lot from the course. Most find it to be a real eye opener in terms of what a tactical folder is capable of accomplishing in a defensive situation. I hope we'll see you in another one of our courses soon!! I'd also like to thank Jeff for hosting the course...his assistance was invaluable.

    All the best,

    Doug Little

    Suarez International
    Tier One Staff Instructor

    Train with Doug Little

    NRA Training Counselor
    AZ DPS Certified CCW Instructor
    CA DOJ Certified Firearms Safety Instructor
    Glock Factory Armorer

    Armed Personal Defense website

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    Welcome aboard Justin! Thanks for the nice words Doug. I'm looking forward to seeing you next month at the KRG class and I'm trying to strong arm Justin into joining us.


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