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    Default IDPA Legal

    Anyone know if Dale's OWB holsters are legal for competition?
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    As long as it covers the trigger guard in IDPA it should be legal, Which I am sure they do.

    Page 29 of IPA Rule Book
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    This is the part I wasn't aware of being changed
    Effective April 15, 2005, the IDPA “Approved Holster List” is no
    longer in effect and holsters previously listed are NOT
    necessarily approved for IDPA competition.

    Been a long while since I did any bullet golf.
    When gunslingers come to town, sai, things get broken. It's a simple fact of life.

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    No gaps between holster and body, trigger fully covered, FBI can't or straight up/down...these are the basics.

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    The Gidoen Elite will work for sure!
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    What about the Archangel?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CZ Man View Post
    What about the Archangel?
    Sure, as long as it's worn behind the hip.

    I will say that brother Irish Mike has put in long hours as an RO, SO & First Responder to win enough good will to let him run his AIWB at his club. Since it would be unseemly for him to brag on himself, I'll also point out that he won the Stock Service Division at the recent Winter Match that hosted 59 shooters. Attaboy Mike!
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    Thanks bro! After all my whining the best I finagled out of the brass is being able to run 1 match a year from aiwb, and tossing out the score. Just like how you have to download high cap mags to 10 to keep it "fair" for the revolver and 1911 guys. They reference the excuse of new shooters wanting to do it without the trigger discipline to keep from putting a round in their junk. They claim you sweep yourself, and a few other "safety" issues that terrify them, its pandering to the LCD and general fudd attitude (as in inferiority complex). I'm not as bitter about having to run it iwb behind the hip, makes me practice my aiwb draws more (so its my go-to default draw), and its just another skill set that I may have to use when wearing a suit or tucked in shirt (which my job doesn't require). A lot of people will knock IDPA, but rest assured I fly the SI flag high, exploding off the X, bursting at targets that require two hits, and running and point shooting one handed. Heck, next match I'm shooting a 19 sans sights to protest their silly "no head shots past 7 yds" rule. Hmm, I recall hitting those with ease at PSP.
    Ramble over, Dales AA is my favorite all time holster, (and ive got boxes of holsters ive tried) and it can be worn iwb too. Keep up the great work Dale!

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    Do what you gotta do to get something out of it is the way I look at it. So I have to move my holster and only load 10 rounds. No big deal. If I carry my glock 27 on the street it only holds 10 rounds and if I wear a suit I have my holster behind my hip so it really is no big deal to me.

    I shoot to slidelock most of the time because if my 18 shot pistol stops at 11 that is a malfunction. How do I fix it? Unload/reload.

    If a stage is just ridiculously unrealistic I just mentally rewrite the stage so that I am a badguy too and I'm just trying to eliminate some of my competition in the "hood". Like I said, whatever works for you to get something out of it.

    I also have been known to pick a stage and shoot ALL headshots. The head box is still 6"x6" which is pretty close in size to the 8" -0 circle in the chest. Most people that can shoot a stage "Down Zero" can shoot a stage with all head shots down zero. ANd it makes people look at you kinda funny when you smoke their time and all the targets are shot in the face.

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