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Thread: Who will stand?

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    Greg, I'll stand with you brother. Acquaintances think I'm just right of Ghengis Khan anyway, so they won't be disappointed....

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    Stand tall on your feet or die on your knees;
    God bless the brotherhood of men who realize their calling.


    We say weep until the weeping’s done,
    And we shall weep for another day;
    For what binds us to our grief,
    Binds the sculptor to his clay;


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    I will stand for me and my family, I think you shouldnt JUDGE, and why do you care if the kids are queer, homo, fat etc etc??? As long as they dont come around me with that ****. Otherwise most of them have a pretty nice attitude. Its the parents fault 90%~ of the time that the kids are "messed up". Blame them. I do agree with some other things you said. I hate our government, they are corrupt lying sob's. But what do you think you are going to accomplish. Sure there are people that will stand, but then there are the majority that will not. Good luck with all that, maybe all your training will pay off? I think you are a little brainwashed or something by the military, your parents? And with an AKA Fuzzy...Im not going to say anything about that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wk9k View Post
    why do you care if the kids are queer, homo, fat etc etc??? As long as they dont come around me with that ****.
    That's the problem, though. Everyone wants to flaunt it like it's a badge of honor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    PC/weakness/compromise is a cancer, I just want to know who else believes it and is willing to stand up and say so.
    +100 on this one. Happy New Year!

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    I'll gladly stand when the lesser man has fallen short and left his once true calling to be a leader, a father, a priest of his home, a poet and a warrior.


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    Great post to get this year started for me.

    To answer the question...yes, I will stand with you.

    I am not the warrior that some are. I do need more training and I do need to get in better shape. I am not there yet, but I sure as hell am going to keep pushing forward untill I die.
    Abortion is sacrificing your child on the alter of convenience....Adrian Rogers
    Soli Deo Gloria

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post

    WHO WILL STAND? Who will stand next to me and be not ashamed when I refer to the skinny jeans wearing, haircut needing, emo punk as “homo, faggot, sweetheart, sugartruck, queer, douche, or pu$$y”? Who will stand next to me when I say other schools are full to the brim with “faggs, tards, and fatties”? Who will stand with me and understand that these aren’t slurs or hate speech they are adjectives, and if you’re offended you probably are one.

    Greg Nichols,
    Suarez International Staff Instructor
    wow... I'm not sure if my Levis boot cut jeans are "skinny" jeans or not. They didn't come with a tag saying "relaxed" or what ever it is that jeans for larger guys are called. And I'm pretty sure that I don't know what an emu punk is (some kinda ostrich looking dude that likes bad music?) but I am sure that some would consider me "haircut needing". Kinda reckon that it's my choice to have my hair the length that I choose and I don't rightly care what others think.

    I've never taken a course offered by one of the "other schools" so I am not knowing who attends them. But, I have seen some pretty large guys in in the SI classes I've been to and wouldn't be surprised to see a couple more in the three classes that I've signed up for so far in this coming year. I would NEVER be so rude as to call any of these Gentlemen "fatties". I WOULD be happy to call them friends tho.

    I'm no English Major, but I'm thinkin' that it's possible for an adjective to be a slur. And, I am darn sure that paragraph saddens more than offends me. It surely won't matter to you Mr. Nichols, but I do not care to stand with such "adjectives", I was taught better than that.

    Matthew 7:1 to Google "sugartruck"
    Domari Nolo

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    Dear Mr. Rockhound, I can see that you miss my point completely and am sorry that you have already fell into the PC trap of bow and tolerate.

    Matthew 7:1 is irrelevant in this discussion as I am not judging I am merely making observations but since you already have made your decision about me and are wearing your black robe with a pocket full of rocks lets go ahead and examine the word.

    Isaiah 1:7-9
    Philippians 4:8
    I Corinthians 15:58
    II Peter 3:17
    Hebrews 12:17
    And my personal favorite, Revelations 3:15-16
    I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.

    It surely won't matter to you Mr. Nichols
    You are correct sir in that I don't require the acceptance of my statements by others to strengthen my belief in them.

    I may not be all warm and Fuzzy my friend but you will find that I am unquestionably consistent and stable I do not waiver or seek acceptance of everyone or any one I am not a people pleaser. I am not intentionally rude or vile but I am intolerant.
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    Default Working on it

    Mr. Nichols,

    YOu are correct, sir. We have caved in to the soft, the intentionaly weak, the degenerate, and the ( willfully ) sick in body and mind . We have allowed "Children to be our Prices and women to rule over us. " We crave drugs to ease our pain, and men wear make up to attract females who are the victims of role reversal. Is it any wonder the Muslim despises us? is it any wonder the Hispanic males in parts of Latin America beieve it is acceptable behaivior to sell us the brain rotting poision we crave so badly?

    The biggest problem I see in America is a pill for every problem, and households with out a strong Father figure. THe ( less than half of white children, slightly more blacks are born out of wedlock now) lucky few who have a father most often have one who has had his ability to earn a living severely hampered by illegal immigration, promotion of women and Minority people for the sake of racial equality or "equal rights " for women, or equal rights for people who practice " alternative lifestyles".

    Most of all, people of faith, whether Jew, protestant, or Catholic, are suffering most of all under an effeminate, ignorant, "tolerant" clergy.It seems that "rightousness" is now the same thing as "tolerance". I just can't find that in the new Testament , or the old.

    I have attached myself to a group of men who are devout in study and deed, and who Love their heavenly father ,and their SAVIOR. We have a Weekly Bible study, and there ar usually two convicted felons, two firemen, and a bunch of Reserve deputies, ordained pastors, a deacon( me) and sometimes a disciple or two.

    I have resolved to get fit, and to serve my county as a reserve deputy, if they will allow me to. It looks pretty good right now. I have lost 50 lbs, ad have about 50 to go. I will prevail.

    No problems shooting, but hand to hand I am clueless. I am working on that, twice a week, and more later, as I get more fit.I traded all my "toys " for 1911s an AR, a couple of tactical shotguns. And I rebarreled and restocked my 98 Mauser to .308,
    in oreder to have a eal tactical precision rifle.

    , My heros are David, R.E.Lee,Stone wall Jackson, J.E.B.Stuart, and my Grandfather. He was in the Aleutians, and wound up in Germany. Fought all the way through. Joined at 17. No B.S. about the man. My heros have a Bible and a .45. Know how to use both of them .

    I am not wher I need to be. Bu I am sure working on it. One more rep, one more round, training in the snow and rain, shooting prone in the cols winter mud, push ups and sit ups on the frozen ground. I will prevail. I sure am glad to have gotten to Know you folks. I will stand. More each day.I may learn how spell check works one of these days.
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