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    I had an idea for another "easy button" solution the other day, I think I may give this one a try. Ultimak on the front, TWS on the rear. Standard AR flip up BUIS on the TWS, and a "gas block" height flip up front. The gas block height irons are generally 0.250" higher than coplanar irons, except for Troy (so I have heard) which is supposedly something like 0.298" but I haven't measured, so that could be wrong. This would allow standard AR optic mounting options so you could have, if you were so inclined, a red dot that cowitnesses with your irons, and is tall enough to have a magnifier behind it.

    Maybe not for everyone, but some may find it interesting.

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    I'm assuming no gas system issues with taking 1.5" off the end of the barrel...can anyone confirm? Has anyone seen enough of a reduction in cycling to want/require a larger port or booster? I've got a '74 I'm about to pull the barrel on for threading, and I'm contemplating a bit of a trim in length.

    One way or the other, the front sight will be removed for good. This should work out really well once it's done.
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    Thanks, Bro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabe Suarez View Post
    This is an area that is always a point of discussion among the AK people. The goal seems to be to make as short an AK rifle without the requisite NFA licensing for a true SBR (less than 16" bbl OA).

    What many guys end up with is some sort of AK103-105 type rifle. So I want to discuss what I have found and what the solutions are.

    Many guys opt for a totally customized rifle with a true AK-105 gas block. This one -

    Attachment 18740

    The problem is that unless you have an actual front end from an AK-105, there will be a discrepancy in the positioning of the unit. The gas ports are not in the same place. The result is that no standard AK gas tubes will fit, and if you run an Ultimak, you will get a larger than nor mal gap at the back end near the receiver. Like this.

    Attachment 18741

    Is that a problem? Well, I don't could be for reliability. It is a definite gas leak, and I find that even with the booster unit removed on my personal 5.45 Suchka, it cycles ammo far more powerfully that this AK-105 with the large gap at the back end of the gas tube. It hasn't malfunctioned yet, but the trickle of steel cases dribbling out of the ejection port is enough to cause me some concern.

    Some people will tell you that they can "weld up the barrel" and then drill a new gas hole. Well...I suppose but would you allow someone to drill a hole and then weld it up and then drill another hole on a Remington 700 intended for accuracy? I sure as hell would not. That is a poor solution that does not resonate with my desire for an accurate rifle.

    So the actual 105 block, while nice looking and attractive, is not as viable a solution. As well since these 105 units cost more than $120 when you can find them.

    And no...please lets not bring in those cheap potmetal copies that are offered by IO or airsoft companies. Krebs used to make one but has not done so in a while. I was looking at making one but in all honesty, my manufacturing resources are committed to slides and other similar projects. We may do so at some point but I cannot see when I will be able to commit to that. At some point maybe someone will beat me to it, but what I will say is that unless they put quality before cost, it will be just anotehr walmart piece of crap for walmart AKs.

    Next option is the Bolton Gas Block. Very popular in some circles. I stopped using them a couple of years ago. I know I will hurt feelings with this but here goes.

    They are a PITA to zero. As well...I have seen them come loose three seperate times on rifles binding up the piston and malfunctioning the rifle until the user could deploy his allen wrenches and loctite. On one rifle the unit began to rotate side to side, eventually binding up the rifle. On two others, it launched forward off the gas tube and was stopped by the flash hider. In both cases, the rifle was rendered dead.

    If they had made it a true copy of the AK105, and used pins and not allen screws it would have been fine. And more...if they would have used a regular AK sight and drum. We do not build rifles with screws, and I believe adding crucial components that way should be reflected on long and hard.

    The design seems to be intended to compensate for canted rear sight towers and crooked barrels. Maybe an issue with some rifles, but things that are better fixed than band-aided.

    Sorry...not for me and not a sound solution. Yours may work fine and if so, congratulations, but Once I see something go down more than once, I stand down from it.

    So what is left? Well. There is a type of AK called an AK-103K. It is an AK-103 with the front sight moved all the way back until it touches the gas block. Then a flash hider unit is added on permanently so the AO Barrel length is 16".

    Attachment 18742

    The compactness and size is no different than a rifle with an AK-105 or Bolton unit, but suffers from neither "excessive gas loss", nor from the zeroing and installation issues of the Bolton unit.
    Keeping the same exact gas block that was installed in the factory, you will have no problems or drama from changing it. Any gas tube will fit as well and you retain the AK style front sight.

    The only difference is you retain the weight of an AK front sight unit...which is negligible IMHO for the saving in potential problems and added cost.

    This is what the front end looks like. On this one there is a standard 24mm muzzle unit, but consider that this is not mandatory and any muzzle unit can be used.

    Attachment 18743

    There it is guys. That is what I have learned about these.
    On a 74,what flash hider would be recommended for this, instead of this brake?
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    I notice that some ak models have barrels with differences in outer diameter as you progress from the front of the barrel to the gas block, while other ak's have a barrel that is the same outer diameter through out. If one wants to push their front sight back to gas block, what type of ak should be sought out to modify or how do you get around this problem?
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    Default Bulgarian AK-74 in 5.45 X 39 pistol for viewing.

    Here is my new Bulgarian AK-74 pistol chambered in 5.45 X 39 caliber.

    The front sight has been moved back against the gas tube for a flush fit.

    The plans I have for this is adding an AK-74 brake, pinning it on it permanently, and adding an under folder stock to it.

    I will be adding the Correct Russian / Combloc deep blood red wood furniture to it also.

    I have an ordered AN Russian RED DOT scope for it also.


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