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Thread: AES-10 bipod

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    Default AES-10 bipod

    Got a great deal on an's got the thin barrel, going to make a Tabuk style rifle out of it, even though it's a Romanian and not a Yugo the deal was too good to pass up. Only problem is the bipod, it's proving extremely difficult to get off, especially since the forward sling attatchment is getting in the way of hammering out the pin? I'd like to keep the bipod so I don't really want to cut it off.

    Anyways, got to change out the crappy wood furniture and get a flash hider, but it seems they welded up under the end of the muzzle, so not sure if a flash hider will fit....any suggestions for my project?

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    Move that bipod out front where it's supposed to be, like on the AES10B...
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    Quote Originally Posted by FNhp4421 View Post
    going to make a Tabuk style rifle out of it
    get rid of the bipod altogether
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    well, removed the bipod, going to start my rebuild, will post before and after pictures soon!

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