Fourth of July 2015
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    Default Albuquerque Area?

    New guy here, wanting to know if there are any plans of bringing classes here or if Im limited to driving over to AZ? Thanks

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    If you have access to a range, you can host a class. Our past experiences with NM have not been promising however.

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    I'm relatively new to the area and I only know of 2 decent ranges, if you don't mind pm'ing me the details of the requirements it'd be much appreciated.
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    Send me a PM with what you are interested in bringing to NM and I will be glad to coordinate with you.


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    I was wondering if there were any plans to offer any training as mentioned above in the near future.

    If so, I'd be interested.

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    following with interest.

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    I'm from Santa Fe and would be interested. I also have two friends that would be and have taken some of the basic SI pistol classes. Our range (Rio Grande Sportsman's Club) said no a few years back but we have new board members now I can ask again. Keep me posted.


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    Throwing my hat in the ring as late as it is. If any training comes here, I'm there!
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    Farmington area, interested, along with a few others I'm sure.
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    Im up in the Taos area and would be thrilled to attend.

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