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Thread: The Guerrilla

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    Having the knowledge is not a bad thing, its applications can be many. But with that knowledge comes the need for discernment as to when and how to use it, if to use it at all. Basically, just another set of tools in the tool box.
    Exactly, thus a guerilla tactic is to go after the political backers of the opposition just like one would go after the person who hired a contact killer. A guerilla would handle the contract killer "enemy soldiers" as best they could and also cause the "backers" to pay. I like shooting long range. Will I ever use that knowledge. No, but I don't like golf and it gives me something to do. Why do I do it, because I'm an American and "I can do it" because "I want to". Isn't that great. If others don't like my freedom they can - what is the English phrase, "Sod off" or something like that.
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    Because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold.

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