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    Quote Originally Posted by McGyver View Post
    For comparison: Trijicon, SI, and Glock OD
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    Very nice! Love the Glock PDW concept. Like Gabe said, it turns the Glock into a real eyeball popper. Since getting mine I've become a believer of the RMR.

    I highly recommend getting SI to install the Cominolli safety system. The PDW handles like a small carbine/subgun, and should be treated as such; this calls for a safety. You can't holster the gun when it's not in use and I wouldn't want to have to clear it every five minutes, especially in the field. I've got the Cominolli on my G17 PDW and it makes all the difference in the world. I treat it like any other long gun, safety on when not shooting, safety off when you need it.

    Once you get that, of course, you'll need a threaded barrel and a nice suppressor to complete the package. So many choices, so many possibilities.

    Anywho, nice rig!
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    Range report:

    I shot about 150 rounds of Freedom Munitions 124 grain yesterday,
    along with 50 rounds of Hornady 115 Gr XTP's & 50 rounds of 135
    +P+ Flex Lock. This was ammo I had on hand. There was a noticeable
    reduction in recoil for all of these, when compared head to head with
    my non-comp'd 43. So far I like the comp and the 507c, and will continue
    testing different ammo, as I can find it locally. I'll keep shooting the
    Freedom Munitions as break in ammo as I have a fair amount of that
    on hand. I found 50 rounds of Hornady 115 Gr XTP, and 25 rounds of
    124 Gr XTP +P's tonight.

    I used a rifle tripod with a piece of foam clamped in the head so I
    could do some braced shooting while standing at my local indoor
    range. It wasn't the best rest, but as good as I could do without
    a bench to sit at. I was able to dial in the 507c, and get about 3"
    groups at 15 yards.

    More testing to follow.


    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny C! View Post
    I received my SI barrel yesterday.

    Nothing left to do but take it to the range.


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    Here’s my “Triquetra:”


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    Just installed and tested the NP3 Face Shooter Trigger and Firingpin. Smooth.

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