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Thread: Yojimbo 2!!!

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    I bought a yojimbo 2 a couple weeks ago. I paid 130 out the door at a local knife shop. The store received five and they were all gone by the end of the day. If you liked the original yojimbo and the be- wharned, you will like this knife. The knife is well worth the money.

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    Uli Gebhard Guest
    Like John, I really like the Be Wharned and from what I've seen in the demos, the Yojimbo 2 is going to be quite a bit better.
    The good news, my wife got me one for Christmas
    The bad news - it's still on backorder .

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    This knife simply awesome. It feels like it belongs in my hand. 3 1/2" +/- razor sharp wharncliffe blade with needle stabby point for sticky-in-the-eye or sticky-in-the-neck. Thumb indexing and purchase are perfect for severing muscles and tendons. Compression lock allow it to inertia open in a flash. If you adhere to the MBC philosophy this knife is everything you expected.
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