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    Default Michael Janich Seminar in Virginia Beach, 11-13 November

    11-13 November 2011, MBC on the Beach, Virginia Beach, VA

    If you've been looking for an opportunity to train in the Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) system, this is it. In this seminar, I will present comprehensive instruction in the fundamental skills of his MBC system and expand on those skills to introduce progressive training methods that support higher skill development with edged and improvised weapons.

    The Friday night session will also focus on my Martial Cane Concepts program--a simple, easy-to-learn system of defensive cane use that is appropriate for all ages and levels of physical ability. Rattan training canes will be provided for all participants.

    This course will provide step-by-step instruction in the fundamental skills of using a knife as a defensive weapon, including knife carry, high-speed deployment, recognition and identification of common street attacks, defensive responses, anatomical targeting, and the realities of knife stopping power. Building on this foundation, it will introduce progressive training methods and reflex training drills to accelerate skill development and combat reflexes. Finally, it will include detailed instruction in MBC's close-quarters reverse-grip system and the methods of adapting that system to improvised weapons, including kubotans, pens, and tactical flashlights.

    This seminar will be conducted at the Ramada on the Beach hotel 615 Atlantic Ave Virginia Beach, VA 23451. Discounted lodging and rental car rates are available. To register, please contact Gary Mah at 757-589-4030 or

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    I live Va Beach...would like to attend...cost? Materials needed? Knife? Training Knife?
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    $189 early a few $'s more to sign up late.
    You will need a training knife like your carry knife and an arm guard. (If you want)
    Those are the basics to build off of.
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