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Thread: WT hacked?!

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    Fucking dot head hadji !
    Molōn labe

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    Quote Originally Posted by CR Williams View Post
    It comes up on Firefox as well, Corinna. I'll get NoScript if I have to, but I'll tell you all it can be a nuisance getting that app set up for everything.
    FYI: I run Firefox 6 with NoScript. In NoScript I have all scripts disabled for WT. Despite that I saw the message from the hacker on the WT root page. I did not see my browser window change size or bounce around my screen.

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    Well just got home from work, what a surprise I got when I tried to get here the normal way... Fng hacker!! (mooslem or otherwise).. Well.. where is our local WT hacker extrordinar? Someones pc network needs to get fried!
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    Dale64 -

    Not sure what you mean by 'dot head hadji' ....

    Dot as in .com ? or Tika ( tilaka ) dot ? No such thing as a tika hadji
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    Forgive me for a dumb question but:

    I checked the Forum / Home page not long after 1:00 o'clock and didn't see any problems. Yet others saw problems long after ....

    What's the deal with that ?

    I'm on a Mac. Is this problem only visible / detectable to PC users?

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    This was the same guy that hacked google. It seems we are that important. The difference is that I called our people in the Indian region and told them I would pay them $20,000 for the hackers testicles. We are not nice people like google and I expect I will be making a fund transfer to Mumbai very soon.
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