Very well written! The part about avoiding Drugs, Whores and Alcohol really struck home.
It's about an issue I had with two individuals a few months ago.
My biggest problem is or was with how one parties at times and wanted to drag me into it. I'll just say his behavior when partying often checked all three boxes and at least 2 consistently. This guy I had known for a couple of years.
The other his cousin for over 40. That cousin got butthurt over me telling him basically that "The Straw Just Broke The Camel's Back" and I've no desire to go chase women, whatever type they be, with his cousin.
Me, it's oh well do what you want or whatever. Myself I remember one dude from high school who promptly got stabbed or shot to death over a woman after graduation.
And another whom had croaked 3 days after Saint Patrick's Day who was stereotypically Irish.
And when it comes to Pot, I'm allergic to the shit for whatever reason. Never smoked it but it gives me a irritated/sore throat when around the stuff.