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    Default Michael Janich Seminar in Grove City, OH - 30 Sep-2 Oct 2011

    30 September-2 October, Grove City, Ohio – Martial Blade Concepts Progressive Knife Skills and Best Defense Seminar

    In this seminar, Michael Janich will build on the fundamental skills of the MBC system to refine and expand them through progressive training methods. These methods support higher skill development and hone functional combative reflexes. This course will also present progressive instruction in the Counter-Blade Concepts (CBC) curriculum, Damithurt Silat empty-hand system, and other selected skill sets.

    Designed to build on a student’s foundational skills of defensive knife use, this seminar will take you to the next level by introducing progressive training methods, reflex training drills, and advanced, layered applications. Collectively, these methods provide a stress-based training methodology that ingrains combat reflexes and enhances spontaneous reaction skills. This seminar will also explore the latest evolution of MBC's close-quarters reverse-grip system and the methods of adapting that system to improvised weapons, including kubotans, pens, and tactical flashlights.

    As part of an integrated approach to defensive skills, Janich will also present practical unarmed skills (Damithurt Silat), empty-hand defenses against weapons (Counter-Blade Concepts), and the integration of the body mechanics, leverages, patterns of motion, and reactive principles that serve as "common ground" to all combative skill sets.

    This seminar will be conducted at Grove City Karate, 4068 Hoover Rd., Grove City, OH 43123. Previous training in MBC and its related systems is necessary to benefit from this course. To register and/or inquire about preparatory training that would allow you to participate in this event, please contact Dave Holloway at (614) 539-5425 or

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    Already called Dave and registered. Looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks in advance for bringing this back to Central Ohio. For anyone in the area, a great opportunity for some very serious training.

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    Uli Gebhard Guest

    The training directly with Mike Janich is priceless! I hosted him earlier this year in Los Angeles and all students and myself got a ton of knowledge and skills out of this seminar.
    If you have taken a course with Mike in the past you also need to know that just like Gabe, he constantly reviews and updates his material. He has made a good number of updates to his curriculum since I took my first training with him late in 2009.

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